London Calling?

I am, without doubt, the queen of going back on my word.

Aged 12, I informed my then best friend that Latin was a stupid dead language and that she was an idiot for studying it. Aged 17, I was forced to bite my tongue and ask her advice as I applied to study Classics at University. At around the time I was going back on that assertion, I informed my parents that I hated children. I proceeded to spend the next 5 summers of my life working in playschemes and at a summer camp, and loving every minute of it. And it’s not just life changing decisions that I turn 180 on; I have constantly stated throughout my adult life that I hate sushi. I actually tried it a few weeks ago. It’s pretty delightful.

Y u got to be like this? …yeah, I don’t know either.

In much the same vein, if you’d asked me two years ago if I would ever consider a move to London, I would have scoffed, rolled my eyes and laughed at your idiocy. Hell to the no. Unfortunately, I overestimated my ability to find a job in my desired field in the timescale I had allocated for job hunting and found myself forced to search south of the Midlands- my former ‘southern’ cut off point.

And eventually I was offered that all-important job. And it was in London. Of course it was. I accepted, of course – continuing my streak of being the least consistent human in the UK. The job was perfect and, had it been anywhere else in the country I would have had no hesitations. But, for some reason, my old trepidation about London prevailed. I also had less than four weeks to prepare for the move.

Either way, it’s too late to turn back. Three weeks today and I’ll be starting my new job. Did I mention it was in London? Did I mention I have NO IDEA HOW PEOPLE MOVE TO LONDON? See below my current checklist

Moving to London Checklist – 3 Weeks to Go

Ο Sign contract with work
Ο Confirm wages
Ο Find somewhere to live (+insurance, tenancy deposits etc.)
Ο Sort out personal finances to survive a month pre-paycheck
Ο Pack essentials to survive
Ο Work out exactly HOW to get to London with essentials
Ο Plan ‘route to work’

Notice the lack of checks? I’m trying not to freak out, but boy, oh boy, do I have a lot to sort out in the next 21 days. Also Christmas – thanks for showing up at the least convenient time! With the holidays factored in, I have about 7 days less than I initially factored in.

Thanks a bunch, Santa.

Wish me luck!



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